Specimens! Specimens! Specimens!


AOspecimens2 small

What is better than a whole array of specimens to discover and explore.

You can look at the shapes, admire the details, read about the objects.

This particular collection is related to Arctic oceanography. That’s the theme of our next special exhibit, Arctic Odyssey: Voyages of the R/V Sikuliaq. Scientists will soon travel to remote waters of the globe on UAF’s new research vessel, the Sikuliaq, to explore the world beneath the sea and ice.

In the meantime, visitors can discover the objects scientists are studying.

Museum Educator Maite Agopian is putting together this hands-on collection. She says it will give people a chance to admire the beauty of marine life and start to ask questions of their own.

AOspecimens1 small

AOspecimens3 small

AOspecimens4 small

AOspecimens5 small

AOspecimens6 small



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